the foot sinks into it

Trio show by Erika Cann, Millie Laing-Tate and Laura Robertson
The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington, Devon EX38 8HQ
15.07.2023 - 26.08.2023

Erika Cann, Millie Laing-Tate and Laura Robertson bring their art practices together through a shared language which investigates our human relationship with the environment. Their trio exhibition, the foot sinks into it, has emerged from conversations about the fluidity of geology and the space in-between. 

Both within their studios and outside in changing landscapes, the three artists explore movement, structural rigidity and the porosity of boundaries. Interactions within the ecosystem correspond to bodies and modes of making as materials intersect, squish, fold and touch. 

Subterranean slime audio resonates through folding fabric, while plaster flowstones and pulpy matter shed light on the animacy of rocks. Bodies blend through stone-to-skin encounters.